Современный русский речевой этикет в картинках.

Поехали! Русский язык для взрослых. Начальный курс: учебник. Часть 1.1. В ПЕЧАТИ.

Поехали! Русский язык для взрослых. Начальный курс: рабочая тетрадь. Часть 1.1. В ПЕЧАТИ.

Книга о грамматике.

Тренировочные тесты по русскому языку как иностранному для школьников.

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Russian Textbooks. Zlatoust Publishing House

Zlatoust Publishing House is being specialized in the field of Russian language for foreigners during 20 years. We publish the finest educational materials for teaching and learning Russian language as a foreign at all levels: a large variety of textbooks with CD-supplement, study and training materials for the development of speech, writing, listening and reading comprehension skills, computer courses, learning DVD. Besides we offer materials for preparation and taking the State Certificate Tests (TORFL) for Russian as a foreign language.

We aim to make Russian language teaching and learning easier and more rewarding for everyone involved!

Coloured catalogue 2012 — download here (russian, pdf, 3275 kb).

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